schön & recht makes fair shopping easy: As a shop in shop concept, various selected Swiss labels are united under one roof. Among other things, there are fair produced home accessories, furniture, clothes and jewellery to discover.

One part of the shop area will be kept free as open space so that the participating labels can produce their products as a show production or realize other ideas. In addition, this space will be used for exhibitions of young artists.

The task was to develop a simple store concept, a guide to how the labels can arrange their presentation in order to achieve a harmonious overall appearance. The concept consists of a colour and material scheme, a labelling concept and instructions for simple shop elements such as shelves, corpuses and wall units. These can then be easily and cost-efficiently implemented by the labels using materials from the DIY store and further developed according to their own needs.

In collaboration with Urs Steiner
Year: 2019