Liz interprets the very classic model 3005 from the sixties, a highly reduced stackable chair, whose characteristics consist in the straight leg and the inclined back. This connection is the main topic for the further exploration. The staight leg, cost-efficient for production, is turned and inclined slightly and joins almost seamlessly the back and becomes a formally interesting element. The model has been complemented with the option of armrests.

Liz and Grace are two stackable chairs made of solid wood, specially developed for restaurants and retirement homes and to expand the product range of Stuhl und Tisch Klingnau –  modest, robust, timeless, versatile and easy to combine. The chairs are available in different configurations with and without armrests and with and without upholstery.

Since 1954, Tisch and Stuhl produces in Klingnau, Argovia, high-quality seating furniture and tables for specific customer requirements in the contract sector. The chairs Liz and Grace are inspired by formerly produced models out of the large archive and continue the long tradition and expertise.

2015, edited by Stuhl und Tisch Klingnau