The Design Biennale Zurich presents design as a thinking discipline. The first edition, entitled «hello future» is dedicated to questions of the future. What opportunities does digital fabrication provide? How will the factories of the future look? What can be made with active materials? What do we learn from the past? And what chances do experimental processes offer?

During four days, installations on exceptional locations invited the public to explore and experience the answers to questions of the future. Unlike to most existing design events, the Design Biennale Zurich focuses on an active and critic participation of the public and partners interested in experiments, and not on promotion and consumption.

Curation: Fabienne Barras, Gabriela Chicherio, Andreas Saxer
Photos: Luca Zanier, Lukas Beyeler, Design Biennale Zürich

The first Design Biennale Zürich took place from 7. – 10. September 2017
The next Design Biennale Zürich will be held from 29. August – 1. September 2019