I am very happy, that WOOD COUTURE has been selected as one of the 90 exhibited projects at the Biennial of Design in Ljubljana. The BIO.23 will take place from 27.09 – 11.11.12 at the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana.

Design Relations
How are designers and the works they create influenced by modern technologies, digitalisation and globalisation? And how is design evolving? Contemporary designers seem to embrace the resourcefulness of nature and its processes, while they also display an amazing capability to use technology. Their explorations not only lead them to commercial products but also help them to better address cultural, social and emotional questions. BIO 23 will show fresh new ideas and explore how design relates to the social, the sustainable, and the cultural, while displaying crossovers between culture and commerce, crafts and industry.

The Biennial of Design (or BIO, from its Slovene acronym) is an international design exhibition that, through its selection of well-designed works and emphasis on quality, originality, and innovation, presents current trends in contemporary design. From among the works exhibited at the biennial the awards are bestowen by prestigious international jury for the best designs of the past two years.
With a tradition of 48 years, BIO is one of the world’s oldest international design events. The organiser of the biennial is the Museum of Architecture and Design.

Wood Couture is a experimental furniture project, where the seating surface is made out of sewn plywood. There’s where an interesting conversation between the wooden material, the needlework details and the expectations of material appearances starts.